Stupid blogger has deleted my post 3 times when pressing the preview button!!
I wanted to rip my audio into AAC (MPEG 4 audio) format since my current oggs do not play on my Archos MP3/4 player. KAudioCreator does not support AAC straight from the box so this is what I did:
1) install faac from the repos
2) Run up KAudioCreator and then Settings -> Configure KAudioCreator
3) Click the encoder tab
4) Add a new encoder type called AAC, with m4a extension (which tells the encoder what sort of encoding to do at encode time) and then use the following command line:
faac -b 128 --title %{title} --comment %{comment} --artist %{artist} --album %{albumtitle} --year %{year} --track %{number} --genre %{genre} -w -o %o %f
5) Press OK and then setup your rip path if it is not already correct, mine is:
~/My Music/%{albumartist}/%{albumtitle}/%{number} - %{title}.%{extension}
6) MAKE SURE that your new encoder is highlighted in the list before pressing OK. This ensures it is your default encoder.
7) nice!