I'm trying to write something that generates Word documents from a database which can then be modified by a user to include optional fields - things that will change and need updating in a document.
I'm having a bit of a struggle working out how to do it but I thought about old-school DDE and embedding LINK fields into Word. It is not ideal since it requires an absolute file path but I thought I would try it out. I could then create building blocks based on these LINKs and allow users to add them in. I attempted to copy the example in the Word help and surprise, surprise, it didn't work at all. I kept getting various errors all amounting to the fact that the field was invalid. I tried all sorts of options and almost gave up when someone mentioned the easier way to do it!
Copy the cell(s) in Excel that you want to use and then use Paste Special in Word to paste as a link (it's an option on the left-hand side of the dialog). It will automatically create the correct format for the LINK field (in my case some slightly different switches) and should all be good.