I've just finished Lumino City, a fun game on the Steam platform. It only took a few days to finish but it was only £15 so that's fine. The impressive thing was that the "set" of the game was built by hand and photographed to provide the game background. The characters were then superimposed on top.

The game basically follows Lumi as she travels through Lumino City looking for her granddad. In order to get to him, she has to solve a series of puzzles that work on various parts of the brain. Most of these are quite challenging but I felt some of these could have used more hints to tell me what to do. I could probably have got them eventually but it is frustrating when you think you've done everything you can and it still doesn't work. I have included below some hints for the game - not the answers mind you. Read them carefully if you don't want to read anything that makes it too easy for you!

The Big Red Book

The only purpose of the Big Red book that your grandad gives you is that it contains the answers to most (all?) of the puzzles. You can either find them by flicking through or otherwise you have to work out the maths puzzles in the contents page, which usually refer to something in each of the puzzles (the number of cogs for instance). Not all of these are easy to work out though, one of the puzzles I only found by looking through the book!

Getting Salt

This was the first one I really struggled with. There is a woman in the house and the only useful information seems to be that she's really sad about losing their dog over the edge. Hint: She never comes out of the house and you never go in. You also see the man on the BBQ next to the salt. If you try and take some, he sees you and tells you that you can't have it. Hint: He never leaves the BBQ. Hint: You do not need any other object to get the salt. Hint: The wife is part of the solution so keep your eyes peeled.

Spinning House

This was another one that was confusing because you only get some basic information about fixing down the wardrobe. I also got to the point where I appeared to be stuck in a part of the house. Hint: You can slide down some of the blue poles. Hint: You need a hammer and nails, both of which are in different parts of the house. Once you have these, you need to fix the wardrobe. Hint: The wardrobe is fixed down from the floor below, not from inside the bedroom! Once that is done, you can go out to the yellow box to get the key, which you then need to use on the blue back door to get into the side of the cliff.

Cliff Houses - Cogs

When you arrive here, you hear some women talking about a key in an orange room but that is all you get. Hint: First make your way to the top right and solve the puzzle in the box on the roof. Hint: Ignore all the boxes and numbers on the diagram, the task is just to link the two cogs. You won't need all the cogs and won't use all the spindles on the diagram. After this, the house start moving and you need to make your way back across and down towards the window in the orange room. The game will hint where you can click to get across. Hint: You need to stand forwards inside the orange house to access the cupboard where the key is. This opens the white box next to the door you came through to the cliff.

Cliff Houses - Patch Bay

This was by far the hardest puzzle to solve. Even after looking at the answer, I didn't understand the method but I did make the mistake of unplugging the wires that were already plugged in and I don't know whether that is your starting point. Effectively each symbol has a numeric value that you need to deduce in order to work out which symbols are equivalent to which other symbols. I think leave the default wires in and see if you can work out that, for instance if hexagon + half a hexagon = 6 then hexagon presumably equals 4 and half a hexagon is 2. Once you have done it, press the button and if it is correct, the green light goes on and the houses stop moving, you can then go over to the other side and enter the power station.

Power Station Password

All I will say for this is that it is a psychology question. The answer is in the same room, what passwords do people choose generally? It can't have more than 8 letters and I don't think it is case sensitive since lower case letters appear upper case on the screen. Hint: When you put the card into the slot, make sure that it displays what you think you punched in. You might have made a mistake without realising. If you punch the wrong hole, you cannot undo it, just post it and it will be wrong and you'll have to start again. Hint: Once you have done that it will ask you to enter a number. I don't know what happens if you enter 3 by mistake so if you accidentally punch the wrong hole in the card, make sure you punch the other holes to ensure you don't enter 3 instead of 2!

Power Station Tape Winding

This was another one that you might eventually work out by accident. The gist of the puzzle is to get the tape to run over the 4 readers (which look like small lights) by correctly placing the other spindles. Obviously the tape cannot cross itself. It doesn't matter that the spindles look different, it is only the size that is important for the puzzle. Hint: You do not use all of them! Hint: Go up to top-left from the start, across to top right and zig-zag downwards to get back to the finish.

Power Station Exit Lock

Hint: To get the code, you have to go into the projector room, fix the projector and watch the film. The code is at the end of the film. Fixing the projector should not be too hard although the links are not visible, they appear when you click between two adjacent circuit board points. You can click again to remove them.

Anything else?

If you want any more hints for this game, write in the comments and I'll add them although I think the rest of the puzzles are doable without any extra help (even if they take a while).