We have an existing web app that is running successfully in production. We deployed it to a new machine and any action we try and access on a certain controller returns a 404 (an IIS one, not the custom 404 page that we use in the app). The Home controller and another controller seemed to work as expected.

Logging proved fruitless, perhaps because the underlying problem was masking the logs.

Long story short: The controller that wasn't working had a default constructor (that was creating some services). One of these services was failing (as it happens due to the format of a connection string being incorrect), which caused the constructor to fail and rather than a 500, IIS/.Net was producing a 404 instead!

Because of the lack of usable logs, I had to keep commenting things in and out to work out what was actually going wrong (as well as adding an empty 'test' action to remove any other possible variables).