So Apple made a decision to remove app management from iTunes and make it just for music. That might have been great except it almost completely broke the installation of Enterprise-signed apps. Something which has just taken me 4 hours to work out!

In iTunes, you used to simply go to apps, install from the local hard disk and then sync but this option has gone. What you theoretically need to do is simply to drag an ipa file into the left-hand device area of iTunes, you get a dark blue box appear and you then sync to the device.

What happens in some cases, including mine, was that it didn't work. The box wasn't appearing so I couldn't drag the ipa. Could I find documentation? No. Apple have changed things so many times, the articles are confusing even leading to some suggesting the use of a third-party web site to transfer your apps for you! (no thanks!). Their helpful article about, "Install custom enterprise apps on iOS" tells you precisely NOTHING about the installation process so I was stumped.

Eventually after much searching round the houses, I discovered an option that you have to enable for the device in iTunes (Device->Summary->Options), labelled, rather confusingly, "Manually manage music and videos". Once that is ticked, you can now drag things to the device.

You then need to follow the unhelpful instructions here to trust the publisher if this is the first time you have installed an app from this publisher!