Profiteering is a pejorative term for the act of making a profit by methods considered unethical.

Why do I mention this? Well we all expect to see people trying to make the best out of a bad situation like the man recently charged for selling hand sanitizer in Tennessee for extortionate amounts on Amazon! 

What are to make, however, of a sudden inrush of communication from organisations assuring us that they have some kind of Policy in-place for Corona virus? This is no-doubt important for critical services like the Police or Fire Service but from a car parking company?

A company makes a parking app called JustPark, and they decided to send me a message about Corona virus policies, which I assumed was a curiosity since there was, presumably, little value in touting your company to people who use it when they need it and otherwise don't. I was suspicious however.

I have since been contacted twice by two recruitment companies.

IO Associates sent a message by email that started in terms of "we wanted to inform you of a series of measures we have implemented to ensure the safety of our employees, the continuity of our business, and the support for our customers during this difficult time" but then as I got towards the bottom, I then read, "Our VidiO offering enables us to..."

Yes, that's right. We can help you get
through the crisis by selling you part of our product offering.

I then get a phone call from Nigel Frank, another pest of the recruitment world who will try anything to disturb your day and eat up 20 minutes of your time pretending to help you recruit but really helping them to do their job and earn their fees. The guy on the phone actually tried the excuse of, "I need to speak to Luke about our Corona virus contingency plans". How very kind in a completely fake and underhanded way.

If you run a company, how about trying to be honest with people, marketing only to those who want or expect your messages and providing such a great service that you don't need to lie, cheat or profiteer to increase your income?